• Active chlorine solution of 0,5% or 5 000 ppm of active chlorine
  • Purified water . . . . . . . . . . . . . qs 100%

Packaging: 250 ml CE 0483

  • *cf disinfecting tests :
    • antiviral efficacy ( Université médicale de Nancy MDT, référence :CEN / TC 216 / N 98 , AFNOR NFT 72 -180 )
    • antibactérial and antifungal activity ( MENICON PHARMA référence : ISO / CD 14729 stand alone test ), anti-acanthamoeba activity ( Institut de bactériology institute, Strasbourg medical University;
    • Menicon co.,Ltd / microbiology and immunology department from Leicester UK).

** cf anti-prion activity ( N°277111 report june2002, C.E.A. / SPI BIO / MENICON


  1. After removing the trial lens, clean using MeniCare Plus cleaning solution, rubbing for at least 20 seconds, and then thoroughly rinse with MeniCare Plus solution.
  2. Fill a vial or lens case with MeniLAB 0.5% solution and leave the lens to soak for five minutes.
  3. After five minutes, carefully rinse for 15 seconds using a MeniCare Plus multi-purpose solution.
  4. Store lens in MeniCare Plus solution until next use.
  5. Before fitting, rinse again with MeniCare Plus solution (repeat section 4).

N.B.: Every treatment must be recorded (through the use of a traceability document). Providing the trial lens is undamaged, free from deposits, within specification tolerances, and has been cleaned and maintained as per the above instructions, it may be used indefinitely.


  • Do not use for soft lenses.
  • The soaking time in MeniLAB 0.5% solution must not exceed one hour (may cause discolouration).
  • It is essential to rinse the lenses abundantly with MeniCare Plus after soaking in MeniLAB 0.5% solution.
  • DO NOT put the solution directly in the eye. Avoid splashing on to clothing.
  • Do not swallow.
  • Store at room temperature (<25° ).
  • Use within three months after opening, noting the expiry date.
  • Never use tap water for contact lens rinsing.

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