High Water Contents Soft Lenses


  • A high-water-content lens with a bi-aspheric design that generates less spherical aberration and offers high Dk and Dk/t values compared with other leading soft hydrogel brands.

  • Menicon Soft


Menicon Soft 72

  • A lathe-cut, spheric-aspheric design in 72% water-content material. Menicon Soft 72 is made from a unique hydrophilic copolymer composed of N, N-dimethyl acrylamide (DMAA) and N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone (N-VP). The material has non-ionic characteristics, which means it is deposit-resistant and maintains a stable shape. Therefore, Menicon Soft 72 provides better vision, greater comfort, and easier handling.

  • Menicon Soft 72


Menicon Soft 72 Toric

  • A lathe-cut, spheric-aspheric back surface design and unique front surface design that utilizes prism ballast and double slab-off stabilization to guarantee stable vision and wearing comfort. It is supplied using the same material as Menicon Soft 72 and is recommended for daily wear and annual replacement.

  • Menicon Soft 72 Toric

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